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Come visit the ALNAP exhibition booth #53 at the WHS and tell us if you think the WHS will change the system, and what the main factors for change will be.

ALNAP is also supporting a number of side events at the Summit. On day 1, join the disscusion on how we can improve the use of evidence in humanitarian action at Making Evidence Count. On day 2, we will be launching our National NGO research at the Localising Humanitarian Aid side event.



localising aid side eventSide event on evidence

In 2015 ALNAP embarked on new research into national and local NGOs to find out more about the work they do in disaster and emergency response, from their perspective. Through interviews with a wide range of organisations across the humanitarian sector in two countries with diverse needs and experiences (Colombia and Lebanon), this project produces an in-depth qualitative study of the national and local NGO landscape.




Male refugees are often depicted as criminal and dangerous in the media and by politicians. Dr. Thea Hilhorst professor at Wageningen University and researcher of the Secure Livelihood Research Consortium led by ODI, asks if humanitarian organisations are becoming blind ot vulnerabilities. 

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Our research on humanitarian innovation is now available!

The outputs of our new research in partnership with ELRHA’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) are aimed at humanitarian organisations interested in using innovative practices to improve their performance, as well as organisations outside the humanitarian sector, such as academic institutions or private companies, seeking to engage in innovation in humanitarian action. 

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We are doing research on urban systems and stakeholders

Recent research has identified the importance of working within existing systems in urban humanitarian response and with local stakeholders. But what do we mean by urban systems and stakeholders? And why is this important to humanitarian response? Our Research Officer Leah Campbell is currently researching the answers to these questions. 

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