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30th ALNAP Annual Meeting:
Working together in the field for effective humanitarian response

3 – 4 March 2015  |  Berlin 

The issue of coordination has become more pressing as the number of humanitarian actors has increased and a combination of factors – climate change, urbanisation and population growth among others – have led to responses becoming larger and more complex.

Our Annual Meeting will be an opportunity to share experiences and best practice and, as ever, there will be unique opportunities for Members to exchange and learn from one another.

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Humanitarian aid after Ebola

Bertrand Taithe, Executive Director - Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester

The current Ebola crisis will end one day and we will have to think about its significance for humanitarian aid. Is this a turning point? What does it reveal for the societies where Ebola has run out of control and for the humanitarian aid which is struggling to match the needs it has generated? In what sense can a neglected disease, which flares up so regularly since 1976 continue being presented as a ‘new’ emergency? What are the consequences of taking a ‘security’ approach to a disease? Has Ebola brought a new perspective on danger and risk for the humanitarian system? From a historian’s perspective, is it a great leap backwards?

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Quality in Humanitarian Actions: Thinking Ahead

In September 2014 Groupe URD in partnership with ALNAP ran the 9th Autumn School on Humanitarian Aid. This provided an opportunity for the invited quality and accountability experts, humanitarian organisations, donors and academics to reflect on the quality issues affecting the sector. It was also a chance to review current initiatives and discuss the hopes that they have raised and their limits.

Open space discussions allowed the participants to take a step back from current developments in order to look at the problems that were actually trying to be solved. This document presents a summary of the latest developments from these initiatives as well as the key points from the debates. It provides an appraisal of the different facets of the problem of quality in the sector.


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