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Nepal Earthquake Response: Lessons for operational agencies

David Sanderson and Ben Ramalingam

In the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, this paper looks at lessons drawn from previous comparable disasters and seeks to provide invaluable information and assistance to the operational agencies responding to the crisis.


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Tales of the city

Paul Currion
Humanitarian consultant

You don't need me to repeat the statistic (because everybody knows it) but I'm going to anyway: more than half the world's population now lives in urban areas. Behind that simple figure are a host of other complicating factors – for example, the absolute number of slum dwellers is growing, but relative numbers are falling. The basic message is loud and clear however: the future is urban. Although the message might be clear, the humanitarian community doesn't always have a clear idea about how to respond.


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Disaster Management Training Course

Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs

27 April 2015 – 1 May 2015

Although disasters cannot be completely avoided, they can be foreseen and planned for. Appropriate measures can be taken to reduce the risk of potential disasters and to minimize their impact with well-prepared responses when disasters do occur. Case study work introduces students to past disasters and crises. In addition to analysing past mistakes, students are given a clear understanding of disaster management and risk reduction strategies.


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