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The role of national governments in humanitarian response: new ALNAP Study

The governments of states experiencing humanitarian emergencies, and their partners at a local level, are a fundamental part of international, regional and national response. Yet their vital role and responsibility has long gone unrecognised by the international system. This latest ALNAP Study, written by Andy Featherstone, is being launched at the IFRC in Geneva today!

Download the ALNAP Study Learning from disaster: How governments gain insight and how regional and international bodies can help.

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New ALNAP study: Quality and use of evidence needs to be improved

Lack of evidence makes humanitarian action less effective, less ethical and less accountable. Yet the debate around evidence in the humanitarian sector is only starting.

What is evidence and what do we need it for? How good if the evidence that is currently available? Does evidence get used by decision-makers? How can we improve the quality and use of evidence?  

In Insufficient evidence? ALNAP looks into these questions and identifies six criteria to judge the quality of evidence that is generated and used in humanitarian action. 

Visit our new evidence section, where you can download the report and listen to experts on the topic.

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Meeting Background Paper now available

With the ALNAP Annual Meeting ‘Engagement of crisis-affected people’ less than one month away, we are excited to share with you the Background Paper. The paper considers the meaning of the concept ‘engagement of crisis-affected people’ and seeks to answer the question ‘why engage with crisis-affected people?’ It also provides participants of the meeting with insights into current practices of and obstacles to engagement, and most importantly asks readers to reflect on a set of questions in preparation for the meeting on 11-12 March.

Download the Background Paper here.

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Maurice Herson

Rwanda, 20 years on: No right answers, no silver bullets

By Maurice Herson on 9 April.

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