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Exploring Coordination in Humanitarian Clusters

Paul Knox Clarke and Leah Campbell

When a multitude of humanitarian actors are responding to a crisis, achieving effective coordination is an essential part of a successful humanitarian response. Sector-based Clusters are tasked with a multitude of activities, but what does ‘effective coordination’ mean for the humanitarian Clusters? And how do the Clusters achieve this success?

This new study looks at these questions and at what the right level of coordination in humanitarian Clusters is.

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Key trends in humanitarian financing: What do they mean for future resourcing to address crisis, risk and vulnerability?

Development Initiatives | Mon 6 July | 12:30-2:30pm

Following on from the online launch of the Global Humanitarian Assistant (GHA) Report 2015, Development Initiatives are planning a panel event to discuss the current trends and challenges in financing to crisis-affected countries. If you cannot attend in person, the event will also be streamed online.

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Nepal Earthquake Response: Lessons for operational agencies

David Sanderson and Ben Ramalingam

In the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, this paper looks at lessons drawn from previous comparable disasters and seeks to provide invaluable information and assistance to the operational agencies responding to the crisis.

 Available in English, French and Mandarin.

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