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Responding to changing needs: Can the humanitarian sector adapt to the "new normal"

John Mitchell, Director of ALNAP & Ben Ramalingam, Senior Research Associate with ODI

CAR, Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, Gaza, Ebola… For some time now, humanitarians have been talking about the 'new normal': a more vulnerable, unpredictable world, more prone to shocks and crises. We will probably look back at 2014 as the year this stopped being new, and became all too normal.

At the Montreux XIII Retreat earlier this month the discussions resonated around this ‘new normal’. In the discussion paper we were commissioned to write for this meeting, we framed four distinct models of humanitarian responses – or as we referred to them, the four ‘C’s. From our perspective, the humanitarian system needs to deliver each of these models – and others that may arise – when and where they are needed, and as well as possible.

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'Evaluating protection in humanitarian action: Issues and challenges'

Despite the urgency attached to protection – also in the light of the ongoing crises in CAR and Syria – there is not much good practice and guidance available for humanitarians on how to evaluate protection.

This scoping paper is ALNAP's first step towards bridging this gap. 'Evaluating protection of humanitarian action' identifies the challenges on this front and will be followed by a study mid-2015 offering practical guidance to address them.

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30th ALNAP Annual Meeting:
Working together in the field for effective humanitarian response

3 – 4 March 2015  |  Berlin 

The issue of coordination has become more pressing as the number of humanitarian actors has increased and a combination of factors – climate change, urbanisation and population growth among others – have led to responses becoming larger and more complex.

Our Annual Meeting will be an opportunity to share experiences and best practice and, as ever, there will be unique opportunities for Members to exchange and learn from one another.

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