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ALNAP e-bulletin archive

ALNAP Update | Urban and Evidence Webinars | EHA Guide French Translation and Presentation |

Sent on 5 July 2017

ALNAP Update | Ebola Lessons Webinar | Blog: UK election and evaluation | Job Vacancy

Sent on 6 June 2017

ALNAP Update | Urban Ebola response | Humanitarian timeline | Evidence in evaluation

Sent on 11 May 2017

ALNAP Update | Webinar: Improving coordination | Monitoring innovation | State of the System |

Sent on 5 April 2017

ALNAP Update | Annual Meeting clips, new webinar on coordination

Sent on 14 March 2017

ALNAP Update | Humanitarian innovation, evidence webinar, new blog

Sent on 31 January 2017

ALNAP Update | New ALNAP Chair, Urban and Evidence webinar videos

Sent on 21 December 2016

ALNAP Update | New Coordination Research, Urban & Evidence Webinars, Localisation Event

Sent on 25 November 2016

ALNAP Update: EHA guide out now | new urban research | Evidence webinar

Sent on 26 October 2016

ALNAP Update: Evaluation of humanitarian action guide | Upcoming Webinar | Innovation case study

Sent on 23 September 2016

ALNAP Update: Urban research | National NGOs | Evidence webinar |

Sent on 17 August 2016

ALNAP Updates | National NGOs, Protection & Coordination

Sent on 25 July 2016

ALNAP updates | WHS, innovation and evaluating Syria response

Sent on 25 July 2016

ALNAP updates | SOHS video, innovation launch and new urban research

Sent on 16 March 2016

ALNAP updates | new SOHS video, 2 new innovation case studies, coordination webinar

Sent on 16 February 2016

ALNAP updates | New innovation research, SOHS translations and video

Sent on 11 January 2016

ALNAP updates | New innovation case studies, study on working together and annual report

Sent on 3 December 2015

ALNAP updates | New innovation case studies, webinar on working together, blog on system not broken

Sent on 6 November 2015

ALNAP updates | SOHS 2015 and Hugo Slim book launch

Sent on 15 October 2015

ALNAP updates | 2 weeks away from SOHS launch, protracted urban conflict and evaluation events

Sent on 18 September 2015

ALNAP updates | Check out the Global Forum results, submit your photos, read our WHD blogs

Sent on 20 August 2015

ALNAP updates | New National NGOs research, Urban webinar and other updates

Sent on 27 July 2015

ALNAP updates | What happened at the Global Forum? Plus SOHS and humanitarian clusters

Sent on 6 July 2015

New ALNAP study on humanitarian Clusters and launch event

Sent on 11 June 2015

ALNAP updates | Lessons for humanitarians responding to Nepal earthquake and more

Sent on 27 April 2015

ALNAP updates | Global Forum submissions, audio from our Annual Meeting and webinars

Sent on 2 April 2015

ALNAP updates | Videos from our Annual Meeting, leadership animation and webinars

Sent on 19 March 2015

ALNAP updates | All set for our Annual Meeting, New evaluation e-learning course

Sent on 13 February 2015

ALNAP updates | Annual Meeting agenda, new leadership webinar, SOHS survey winner

Sent on 22 January 2015

ALNAP updates | Webinar: Learning from Indian Ocean Tsunami and Haiti Earthquake

Sent on 8 January 2015

ALNAP updates | New paper on evaluation of protection, call for Agora/stories in 5

Sent on 19 December 2014

ALNAP updates | Registration open for Annual Meeting, calling all bloggers, ALNAP Annual Report

Sent on 27 November 2014

ALNAP updates | Annual Meeting study launch video, new partnerships CoP & webinar

Sent on 30 October 2014

ALNAP updates | Two ALNAP global events for 2015, new leadership webinar

Sent on 14 October 2014

ALNAP updates! Upcoming discussion event & study launch, new Haiti case study and Ebola resources

Sent on 18 September 2014

ALNAP updates! Syria "starter pack" taking shape, new ALNAP research fellow & steering committee members

Sent on 4 September 2014

ALNAP updates! SOHS survey is out, leadership launch video now available, pls submit your evaluations!

Sent on 14 August 2014

Rethinking operational leadership, Secretariat's whereabouts and why accuracy matters

Sent on 24 July 2014

ALNAP updates! Lessons from flood disasters, launching new leadership study and urban mapping webinar

Sent on 3 July 2014

Latest from ALNAP! Halfway through EHA pilot guide, using evaluation webinar, new homepage

Sent on 13 June 2014

Community radio discussion, effective feedback mechanisms and new ALNAP Members

Sent on 22 May 2014

Latest from ALNAP: Evaluating Humanitarian Action Guide in Spanish and French, Annual Meeting sessions now online, new feedback mechanisms resources and launch!

Sent on 30 April 2014

Annual Meeting resources, governments in humanitarian action, urban webinar

Sent on 27 March 2014

Launch of new study on evidence, paper on engagement of crisis-affected people, urban webinar

Sent on 20 February 2014

Violence in cities, Annual Meeting: Engagement of affected people, Syria report and more..

Sent on 16 January 2014

Learning from Syria and the Philippines, importance of partnerships, investigating impact

Sent on 5 December 2013

Evaluation in the spotlight

Sent on 6 November 2013

ALNAP's Annual Meeting in March 2014: Calling for panels

Sent on 22 October 2013

How do beneficiary feedback mechanisms work in Sudan?

Sent on 11 October 2013

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