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Haiti Learning and Accountability Portal

Haiti Earthquake 2010: Evaluative Resources
An up-to-date collection of evaluation reports and other evaluative resources

Le portail des actions d'apprentissage et de responsabilisation à Haïti est disponible en français

The scale of the devastation caused by the Haiti earthquake in January 2010 has resulted in massive relief and recovery operations being undertaken by several ALNAP members.

This page provides a shared platform for a structured strategic overview of ongoing and planned learning and accountability efforts by agencies operating in Haiti. The site aims to encourage complementarity amongst agencies undertaking such work, through sharing of approaches, contacts, key resources and evaluation plans.

The Government of the Republic of Haiti have also launched the Haiti Reconstruction Platform

It is our hope that these complementary initiatives will contribute to more informed, coordinated efforts to assessing and improving performance in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

Operational Support Missions

OCHA Information Support Team Responsible for the Haiti One Response Site

Interaction-ICVA NGO Coordination Cell

Disaster Response Support Service Bioforce and RedR launched their Disaster Response Support Service in Haiti with a joint 2 week assessment to determine priority learning and capacity building needs in the worst affected areas.
The Disaster Response Support Service provides a training programme in French, English and Creole in the following areas: Logistics -Supply chain; Fleet management; WASH; Shelter; Telecommunications; Safety/security.
The DRSS project has also been hosting and sharing resources with HAP and Sphere in Haiti
Project Overview (French & English)

HAP International Six-month deployment of a HAP team (March - September 2010) aiming to improve understanding and strengthen practice of humanitarian accountability and quality management as part of the current humanitarian response in Haiti
Further information can be found on the HAP in Haiti webpage
Final TOR for the HAP deployment

The Royal Institute of British Architects, Development and Disaster Relief Community hosted a meeting in April 2010 for its member organisations operating in Haiti, with a particular focus on co-ordinating shelter and reconstruction efforts. 
Meeting report 

Useful links

Communication and Information Services

Ushahidi Haiti The Ushahidi Crisis Map of Haiti represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date crisis map available to the humanitarian community. The information here is mapped in near real time and gathered from reports coming from inside Haiti via SMS, Web, Email, Radio, Phone, Twitter, Facebook, Television, List-serves, Live streams, Situation Reports.

InterAction Haiti Aid Map InterAction’s mapping initiative provides detailed information on the response by their members and other agencies to the earthquake in Haiti. Information on who is doing what where can be accessed by organization, cluster or sector, and location at the commune level. 

Communications for Disaster-Affected Populations (CDAC) in Haiti CDAC’s central objective is that its members provide a coordinated service to enable humanitarian operations to get life-saving information to populations and to channel their voices back to the providers of assistance 

Thomson Emergency Information Service One of the CDAC members, Thomson Reuters Foundation, has put in place first-of-its-kind Emergency Information Service (EIS) in Haiti for disaster-affected population. 

Human resources and staffing

People In Aid Resource Sheet A collection of key HR information and tools for agencies deploying staff in Haiti, brought together in a single resource sheet.

Livelihoods and reconstruction

GFDRR Resources for Reconstructing Housing and Communities after Natural Disasters

DEC Lessons from Aceh: Key considerations in post-disaster reconstruction

Government of Pakistan Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority Lessons learned from the experience of ERRA


World Vision International Situational Analysis of HIV in Haiti Post Emergency (May 2010)

Women's Refugee Commission Four Months On: A Snapshot of Priority
Reproductive Health Activities in Haiti
(May 2010)

Other resources

Joint Paper of NGO Platforms: Principles and Recommendations for International NGO Participation in Haiti 

Haiti aid watchdog: Six months later

World Bank, Independent Evaluation Group Haiti Earthquake: Evaluative Lessons

Foundation for Development Cooperation Post-Earthquake Recovery in Haiti: The Challenges Ahead Also available in French

CDA Lessons for Haiti paper

CDA Haiti background paper

Groupe URD Haïti, leçons tirées des précédentes catastrophes

INTOSAI The added value of geospatial data for the transparency and accountability of disaster-related aid

Previous evaluations and reports

The following evaluations have been selected from the Evaluative Reports Database (ERD) for their potential value for agencies responding in Haiti.

Haiti evaluations

Post-earthquake evaluations

Emergency Response to Earthquake Batagram District, Pakistan
Save the Children USA
Aug 2007

Joint Evaluation of Responses to the Yogyakarta Earthquake, Indonesia
CARE International; Catholic Relief Services; Save the Children Fund; World Vision
July 2007

Independent Evaluation of BAM Earthquake programme 2003-06
Feb 2007

Quality & Accountability evaluations



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