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Evaluating Humanitarian Action

Evaluation of Humanitarian Action:
An ALNAP Guide
Evaluation de l'Action Humanitaire:
Guide pilote

Evaluación de la Acción 
Humanitaria: Guía piloto

The Evaluating Humanitarian Action Guide supports evaluation specialists and non-specialists in every stage of an evaluation, from initial decision to final dissemination.

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Latest discussions from the Humanitarian Evaluation Community of Practice

31 July: EHA Note for Discussion: Participatory Evaluation - Ensuring Quality of Evidence

Ensuring quality of evidence generated through participatory evaluation in humanitarian contexts Introduction Participatory evaluations are becoming ever more commonplace as a means of effectively engaging with affected communities. As ...

18 July: How can evaluators use Maps and Geospatial Information in humanitarian contexts?

Dear Evaluators, Thanks John for this really useful information about the use of mapping in evaluations. ALNAP is organising a webinar on the use of mapping within urban environments next Thursday, and it would be great to have anyone from the evaluation community who is inter...

18 July: Collecting data for humanitarian evaluations using internet surveys

Marian, Thanks for telling us about your experience with an on-line survey. A response rate of 32.6% is extremely high for an on-line survey. Response rates can often be less than 10%. Multiple reminders help- you always see a spike of responses after each reminder.

You can join the conversation or ask a new question by visiting the Humanitarian Evaluation Community of Practice or


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