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WEBINAR: Who's out there? Getting an accurate picture of humanitarian presence

Organisation: Action Against Hunger
Type of event: Online event (Webinar)
Sector: Sector-wide
Country: n/a
Date: 8 February 2017
Time: 14.00 - 15.30 (GMT)
Free Event: Yes

This event has passed. Watch the video or listen to the audio of the webinar here.

In a humanitarian crisis, one of the most important things to know is who is doing what, and where. That said, it has always been difficult to get an accurate and well-informed understanding of the presence of humanitarian actors on the ground, due to the autonomous and de-centralised nature of humanitarian responses. This is particularly the case in highly insecure settings, where international organisations must operate under constrained access and where local efforts to meet humanitarian need can often go unnoticed. How can we make sure we know who’s out there?

Join us for the next webinar of Bridging the Evidence Gap webinar series, where we will discuss Humanitarian Outcomes' work on mapping the presence of local and international humanitarian actors. We'll also hear from OCHA Afghanistan on the ways they are complementing the 3W forms with additional tools to understand who is doing what in the hardest to reach parts of Afghanistan.

Speakers for this webinar:

Abby Stoddard
Partner and Policy Analyst, Humanitarian Outcomes

Sandeep Bashyal
Information Management Officer , OCHA


Bridging the gap webinar series
This is the third webinar in ALNAP's 'Bridging the Evidence Gap' series, which highlights new tools, research and initiatives which have taken on a more evidence-driven approach to humanitarian action. Through this series we will explore the methodologies and creative designs on the cutting edge and their direct relevance to practitioners.

Find out more about the series and watch the first webinar here.

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