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6 day Regional Workshop on "Enhancing Quality and Accountability in Humanitarian Action" in Bangkok

Organisation: Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan
Type of event: Training course
Sector: Sector-wide
Country: Thailand
Date: 21 February 2013 to 26 February 2013
Time: Not specified

Church World Service Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS-P/A) is organizing a 6 day multi-agency course on "Enhancing Quality and Accountability in Humanitarian Action" from February 21st - 26th 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The course is a unique opportunity for all agencies across Asia Pacific, as it is focusing comprehensively on Joint Standards and is being promoted for the first time in the region.

Through this course, CWS-P/A aims to provide a platform for all active agencies playing a role in Q&A, disaster response and mitigation, including INGOs, NGOs, UN, donors and government agencies. This platform will facilitate them in promoting and implementing approaches and tools for enhanced Quality and Accountability in their work and also allow individuals to understand the significance of linkages between various standards. In comparison to other trainings, this programme will assist agencies in collaborating and coordinating with various actors towards a common goal consisting of Joint Standards instead of one or two standards that has been common practice. In addition to this, this course has been designed by Sylvie Robert and she would be the main facilitator of the training.

Applications from INGOs, NGOs, Donors, Government Representatives and UN Agencies from across the world are welcome to participate. The attached training package (Invitation Letter, Training Brochure, Application form) provides detailed information about the workshop. If you wish to nominate any person(s) from your organization or among your partners, kindly fill the enclosed application form. Please ensure to email the filled form with complete information at

The Training fee is $500. If the applicant meets our selection criteria, he/she will be informed via confirmation letter at the earliest. Last date for submission of application form is January 10th 2013.

Application pack

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