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Cultivating Organisational Resilience

Organisation: InterHealth
Type of event: Training course
Sector: Sector-wide
Country: Kenya
Date: 5 February 2013 to 6 February 2013
Time: Not specified

Cultivating organisational resilience builds the systemic capacity to cope with stress and adversity. This workshop is evidence based and built on InterHealth's long experience of working with those from relief, development and mission organisations. An interactive workshop providing the opportunity to highlight organisational strengths and identify scope for boosting resilience.

Learning outcomes
1. Understand what is meant by organisational resilience
2. Understand resilience principles for organisations
3. Identify strengths and training needs in teams and organisations
4. Have the opportunity to develop reflective thinking whilst considering the values and culture of their organisation and the practice of people management
5. Develop the capacity to understand organisational resilience factors as a risk assessment marker
6. Recognise how to develop organisational resilience factors and identify organisation specific action points to cultivate resilience

For further information please contact our training team:
T: +44 (0) 20 7902 9006

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