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Field Exchange - Issue 44


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Resource type:Articles
Keywords:Development & humanitarian aid, Food and nutrition, Nutrition
Agency:Emergency Nutrition Network
Date published:December 2012

This is another bumper issue of Field Exchange, with eight field articles and just under 20 research summaries. On the one hand, we apologise for the ever-growing volume of our publication and on the other, we are pleased that so many field practitioners want to write up and share programming experiences. There also seems to be an ever increasing volume of research out there that warrants dissemination. Usually a theme or two leaps out at us once we have amassed our Field Exchange content – not so this time, and we have a broad mixture of material for you to read. So for a change, this editorial doesn’t attempt to link articles by themes but instead, simply highlights field articles and research pieces which we feel are of particular interest. Inevitably this will be subjective and we hope that this doesn’t stop you looking at all the contents in this issue.


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