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Attacks on Education; The Violation of Conflict and Grave Violation on Children's Futures


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Resource type:Research, reports and studies
Keywords:Children & young people, Conflict, violence & peace, Education
Countries:Central African Republic, DRC, Mali, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria
Agency:Save the Children
Date published:2013

Conflict affects children’s chances of receiving a good-quality education in many different ways. Where government is weakened and states are fragile, it is often challenging – though not impossible – to provide schooling, particularly in remote or poor areas. In other cases, conflict causes a reduction in the supply of teachers. This report examines another, comparatively ignored effect of conflict: attacks on education.

The report’s case studies focus on the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT), Pakistan and Syria. Each context is different, but they all demonstrate the short-term damage and long-term impact of conflict on education systems. Together, these case studies show how the education of millions of children is interrupted for months or years.


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