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Multi-sector needs assessment (MSNA): Phase one report

Secondary data review and analysis - May 2014


About this resource

Resource type:Research, reports and studies
Keywords:Coordination, Multi-sector/cross-sector, Needs assessment
Agency:IOM - International Organization for Migration, WFP - World Food Programme
Date published:May 2014

The MSNA was established, in light of the Syrian crisis, to enhance the humanitarian response in Lebanon. It aims to help prioritise humanitarian assistance, by identifying the most pressing needs, within and among sectors, and identify gaps in assisting these priority needs. This report represents the findings of phase one, a secondary data review and analysis of available data shared with the MSNA team.

An inter-agency technical working group (TWG) - consisting of members of NGOs, the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA), IOM and UN agencies - was established in February 2014, to develop the framework and methodology for the MSNA phase one, and to lead its technical implementation. From the start, the TWG engaged directly with sector coordinators and sector working groups (SWGs) in order to collect data and develop ‘information needs’, which were mainly derived from the regional response plan (RRP) indicators and other SWG recommendations. These were used to inform the data review process and identify relevant information gaps. During phase one, MSNA SWG workshops were established to collect views from SWG members and complement data findings. This main report will only present findings from the data made available to the MSNA team.

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