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Resource type:Factsheets and summaries
Keywords:Cash, Contingency Planning, Disaster preparedness, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Markets, Targeting, Identification and Profiling
Agency:IRC - International Rescue Committee, Oxfam
Date published:June 2015

This is a short summary document about the Pre-Crsis Market Mapping and Analysis approach (PCMMA).

Market analysis used in pre-crisis contexts, maps the functionality of the current market system and then models (or forecasts) the functionality of the market system after a crisis. Undertaking market analysis as part of preparedness and contingency planning, could significantly improve the readiness to respond to crises. This will ultimately contribute to improving the preparedness of agencies to design appropriate and market sensitive responses in a timely fashion, with a minimum of delay. However, undertaking market analysis before a crisis has even more potential. By identifying the capacity and constraints of forecast critical market systems, pre-crisis market mapping and analysis can support the design of responses that address these constraints and that could mitigate the effects of a crisis.

The full PCMMA can be found here - For PCMMA reports or for additional resources, please see For any additional information, please contact Carol Brady -

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