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Real Time Evaluation: IFRC Response to the Syria Crisis 2012-2014


About this resource

Resource type:Evaluation reports
Keywords:Coordination, Leadership and Decisionmaking, Organisational
Countries:Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
Agency:IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross/ Red Cresent Societies
Author(s):Lawry-White, S. and Schloffer, M.
Date published:December 2014

This Real Time Evaluation (RTE) of the IFRC response to the Syria crisis (2012-2014) comes almost three years into the crisis. According to the TOR, the core questions for the RTE were:

1. How well did the IFRC secretariat coordinate its response internally and with other
Red Cross Red Crescent Movement actors?
2. What were the challenges and opportunities of a multi-country (multi-zone)
3. How has the IFRC dealt with and learnt from a long-term, chronic crisis of this

The main focus of the evaluation was on the IFRC Secretariat, and on Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria, where the RTE team made visits. The Host National Societies in the region, and the ICRC, were informants to the evaluation, rather than objects of the evaluation.

The RTE report provides three sets of recommendations, largely addressed to the Secretariat: 1) for the four countries reviewed, 2) for the Syria crisis response at a regional level, and 3) general recommendations drawn from the RTE, but not specific to the Syria response.

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