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Voice Out Loud Issue 2: Transparency and Accountability of Humanitarian NGOs


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Resource type:Articles
Keywords:Accountability, Accountability and Participation, Development & humanitarian aid, NGOs
Agency:NGO Voice, NGO Voice
Date published:December 2005

Over the last two decades, the humanitarian NGO sector is continuously striving for professionalism, improving the quality of its work, and becoming more transparent and accountable. As key civilian actors in humanitarian aid, European NGOs are significant in terms of activities and funding. The European Commission alone channels over €1 billion annually to the countries in need through them. NGOs are also funded by governments of EU Member States and through the generosity and engagement of European citizens. This newsletter is focusing on transparency and accountability. 'Voicing out' their experiences, European humanitarian actors are touching on some of the different dimensions of this double responsibility. Other humanitarian issues are also being addressed, such as the humanitarian needs in Chechnya, or the issue of European humanitarian volunteers. Finally, the main activities of the VOICE network over the last months are being described.

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