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Humanitarian Response Review


About this resource

Resource type:Programme/project reviews
Keywords:Disaster preparedness, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disaster risk reduction, Evaluation-related, Networks, Response and recovery
Agency:UN OCHA - Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Author(s):Adinolfi, C., Bassiouni, D., Lauritzsen, H. and Williams, H.
Date published:August 2005

In recent years, humanitarian organizations have become increasingly effective in saving
lives, alleviating human suffering, and advocating for the rights of people in need. Nonetheless, there still are considerable gaps in the ability of the humanitarian system to respond adequately to all humanitarian crises. Hence, we must, and we can, do better to be more predictable in our response to vulnerable populations around the globe.

This Humanitarian Response Review is an important step in this direction. It is an independent assessment of the humanitarian system in which the experts identify reasons why the aid community sometimes falls short of its goals. The report seeks to demonstrate what the humanitarian system’s current capabilities are and shows where the shortfalls lie. Already, it has prompted the discussion of how the entire humanitarian system can ensure faster and better responses to the needs of people in distress. Some of the Review’s recommendations have been addressed in this year’s ECOSOC discussions; others will form part of this year’s General Assembly debate on reform of the United Nations, including the larger humanitarian system.

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