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Field Exchange - Issue 41


About this resource

Resource type:Articles
Keywords:Cash, Children & young people, Food and nutrition, Urban
Countries:Guinea, Zimbabwe
Agency:Emergency Nutrition Network
Date published:August 2011


Field Articles
2 A cross-sectoral approach to addressing Konzo in DRC
26 Cash-for-work in urban setting in Guinea
52 Cash supported income generation activities in Southern Sudan
58 The new role of Nigerien medical NGOs in treating SAM
62 Seasonal Trends in Pastoral Malnutrition in Somalia
64 Save the Children’s IYCF programme and linkages to Protection,
Food Security and Livelihoods in Haiti 2010
6 Childhood Malnutrition and the Dinka of Southern Sudan
8 Fluctuations in wasting in vulnerable child populations in the
Greater Horn of Africa
9 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Study on Offal Consumption
among the Somali Population
10 Global CMAM mapping in UNICEF supported countries
13 Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplement Research Network Meeting
15 Feasibility of private micro flood insurance provision in Bangladesh
16 The Psychology of Food Riots: Why do price hikes lead to unrest?
17 Revisiting Sphere: new standards of service delivery for new
trends in protracted displacement
17 Household threat of escalating food prices and recovery
18 Cash transfers protecting dietary diversity during food crisis
19 Differences in food insecurity between adults and children in
20 Review of evidence of role of nutrition in HIV infection
21 Cost effectiveness of community-based and inpatient
therapeutic feeding programmes to treat SAM in Ethiopia
23 Cost effectiveness of CMAM in Malawi
25 Food security indicators after humanitarian interventions in
25 Emergency intervention priorities from child wasting and
mortality in the Horn of Africa

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