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Flood preparedness initiatives of high-risk communities of Jakarta


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Resource type:Research, reports and studies
Keywords:Contingency Planning, Disaster preparedness, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disasters, Floods & landslides, Urban
Agency:ADPC - Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
Date published:June 2010

Flooding has become a significant urban problem for Indonesia this past decade.
Excessive rainfall caused extreme events such as five-year floods, torrential floods
and flash floods, and extreme tidal backflows have inundated the low-lying coastal area. Uncontrolled population growth in urban areas, poor land use planning, the
lack of understanding among city stakeholders and communities about floods and
its disaster risk, and a poor level of knowledge about disaster reduction initiatives
and preparedness are the important reasons for the flood events becoming disasters. What steps can a megapolis like Jakarta take to be prepared for the
worsening floods?


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