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State of the Humanitarian system report now available

Posted on 12 July 2012

What new voices are shaping the aid system? Are humanitarian principles still relevant for development agencies? Will the military and private sector play a greater role in delivering aid? What do people who receive aid think about it?

All these questions and more were debated by over 120 leading humanitarians on 4 July at the Southbank Centre in London at the launch of the State of the Humanitarian System. The event was skillfully chaired by ODI senior research associate Simon Maxwell, with lively debate from Oxfam humanitarian director Jane Cocking, Red Cross international director David Peppiatt and MSF executive director Marc DuBois as panellists. The audience was given a chance to react to the report's key findings, presented by ALNAP director John Mitchell and report author Abby Stoddard of Humanitarian Outcomes.

Download the report and watch the short video below.


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