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Refugee, Asylum-seeker and Migrant Perceptions in Istanbul, Gaziantep, Turkey

Summary of Focus Group Discussions

Planning for Data Collection

Free Online Course

OCHA Annual Report 2016
Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2017
Independent Grand Bargain Report
More Than the Money: Localisation in Practice
The Humanitarian Encyclopedia
Urban Area-based Approaches (ABAs) in Post-disaster Contexts

Guidance Note for Humanitarian Practitioners

Humanity in Action: Annual Review 2016
IDPs perceptions in Northern Iraq: Round 1
Refugee Compacts: Addressing the Crisis of Protracted Displacement

Final Report of the Forced Displacement and Development Study Group

War in Cities: What is at Stake?

Video & Transcript

Getting to Grips with Power: Can NGOs Improve Justice in Bangladesh?

Executive Summary

GiveWell - Cost-Effectiveness
Managing Mixed Migration: The Central Mediterranean Route to Europe

Desperate Migration Series | #3

Training Manual: Gender Leadership in Humanitarian Action

Institutionalizing Gender in Emergencies: Bridging Policy and Practice in the Humanitarian System

Moving Away from Aid? The Case of Indonesia
Obstacles to WASH
Slow-Onset Crises: Review of Surge Practices

Transforming Surge Capacity Project

Measuring Skills in Developing Countries
Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2017-2020
Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2017-2020

Arabic Short Version

Insecurity – always an insurmountable obstacle?

Emergency Gap Series 5

Guerre et Humanitaire
War and Humanitarian Aid
Christian Aid and the 'Leave No One Behind' Agenda

Programme Practice Paper

Charter for Change: From Commitments to Action

Progress Report 2016-2017

3RP Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan 2017-2018 in Response to the Syria Crisis

Regional Strategic Overview

The Cost of Coherence

Emergency Gap Series 4

Sexual Assault Against Humanitarian and Development Aid Workers

Briefing Paper

Sudan: 2017 Humanitarian Needs Overview
South Sudan 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan
Foreign Policy and Humanitarian Action: An Agenda for Inquiry

HPG Working Paper

Planning from the Future: Is the Humanitarian System Fit for Purpose?

Executive Summary

Iraq: An Evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2010-2015)

Volume II Annexes

Iraq: An Evaluation of WFP’s Portfolio (2010 –2015)

Country Portfolio Evaluation

Burundi: An Evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2011-2015)

Country Portfolio Evaluation

Burundi: An Evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2011-2015)

Volume II Annexes

Saving Lives and Staying Alive
Humanitarian Policy Group Annual Report 2015-16
Accountability dilemmas in foreign aid
CERF Annual Report 2015
Libya Crisis Profile
The Humanitarian Imperative: How Curbing Corruption Can Save Lives

Policy Brief #01

REACH 2015 Activity Report
Common Humanitarian Fund: South Sudan

Annual Report 2015

Gender and Community Security
UNRWA Health Department Annual Report 2015
Global Education Cluster 2015 Report
Cash Transfers in Humanitarian Contexts
Humanitarian Response in Middle-Income Countries
DRC Humanitarian Fund - Annual Report 2015
Media as a Form of Aid in Humanitarian Crises
To Stay and Deliver? The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis 2015

Emergency Gap Series 2

Emergency Gap: Humanitarian Action Critically Wounded

Emergency Gap Series 1

Protection: What is it anyway?
A way forward for humanitarian aid to Syrians
Syrian refugees and the UK
Editorial: The Humanitarian Ethos in Action

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

The New Editorial Board of the International Review of the Red Cross

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Interview with Mr. Ma Qiang, Former Executive Vice-President of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Red Cross

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian Principles Put to the Test: Challenges to Humanitarian Action During Decolonization

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Romancing Principles and Human Rights: Are Humanitarian Principles Salvageable?

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Unpacking the Principle of Humanity: Tensions and Implications

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

A Matter of Principle(s): The Legal Effect of Impartiality and Neutrality on States as Humanitarian Actors

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Walking the walk: Evidence of Principles in Action from Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Coming Clean on Neutrality and Independence: The Need to Assess the Application of Humanitarian Principles

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Tools to Do the Job: The ICRC’s Legal Status, Privileges and Immunities

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Faith Inspiration in a Secular World: An Islamic Perspective on Humanitarian Principles

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

“Rahmatan Lil-’Alamin” (A Mercy to All Creation): Islamic Voices in the Debate on Humanitarian Principles

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Faith and Impartiality in Humanitarian Response: Lessons from Lebanese Evangelical Churches Providing Food Aid

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Opinion Note: Is Neutral Humanitarian Action Permissible Under Islamic Law?

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Memorandum: The ICRC’s Privilege of Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Speech: Humanitarian Diplomacy and Principled Humanitarian Action

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

New Publications in Humanitarian Action and the Law (Spring/Summer 2015)

Principles Guiding Humanitarian Action

Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems: Literature review

Updated January 2016

Conducting a Conflict and Development Analysis
Guide for Protection in Cash-Based Interventions
Energy Access: Humanitarian Relief
Economic Impacts of Humanitarian Aid
Ebola: Mapping the Outbreak
Humanitarian Quality Assurance: Philippines

Evaluation of Oxfam’s humanitarian response to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Urban Crises: Recommendations
Post COP 21 Paris: Now What?
Turkey Humanitarian Fund Annual Report 2015
Dorcas Annual Report 2015
UNICEF - Annual Report 2015
3RP Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan 2016-2017 in Response to the Syria Crisis

Regional Strategic Overview

Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2015-2016

Year two

Terms of Reference: Nicaragua CP 200434 (2013-2018): A mid-term Operation Evaluation

Términos de referencia: Nicaragua PP 200434 (2013-2018): Evaluación de mitad periodo de la operación

Côte d’Ivoire DEV 200465 Support to a Sustainable School Feeding Programme: A mid-term Operation Evaluation

Côte d’Ivoire, Projet de développement 200465 – « Appui au programme intégré de pérennisation des cantines scolaires » : évaluation d’opération du PAM mi-parcours (2013-2016)

Europe’s Refugee Crisis: An Agenda for Action
Humanitarian Response Monitoring Framework Template
The Dead Sea Resilience Agenda November 2015
The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection
Markets in crises: South Sudan case study
Marchés en crise: le conflit au Mali
Markets in crises: the conflict in Mali
Protracted displacement: Uncertain paths to self-reliance in exile

Annex 8 - Case studies: Colombia, Darfur, Jordan and Uganda

Chapter 2: How Do Humanitarian Principles Support Humanitarian Effectiveness?

On The Road To Istanbul

Projecting progress - Reaching the SDGs by 2030
Evaluability Assessment for Impact Evaluation

Guidance, Checklists and Decision Support

Development Impact of Social Media
São Tomé et Principe Projet de Développement DEV 200295 – «Transition vers un programme national d'alimentation et de santé scolaire à São Tomé et Principe »

Terms Of Reference: São Tomé and Príncipe DEV 200295 - Transitioning towards a nationally owned school feeding and health programme: An Operation Evaluation

3RP Regional Progress Report
Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2015
Global Forum Detailed Agenda
Global Forum Method Note

Briefing Papers: What are they for and what do they tell us?

Global Forum Annexes
OCHA – June Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 41
Solar-powered pumping in Lebanon

A comprehensive guide on solar water pumping solutions

Habitat III Issue Papers - 20: Housing
Habitat III Issue Papers - 9: Urban Land
Evaluation of the Common Humanitarian Fund

Global Synthesis Report

Evaluation of the Common Humanitarian Fund

Country Report: Democratic Republic Congo (DRC)

Evaluation of the Common Humanitarian Fund

Country Report: South Sudan

Beyond Humanitarian Assistance? UNHCR and the Response to Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, January 2013 – April 2014

Independent Programme Evaluation (IPE) of UNHCR’s Response to the Refugee Influx in Lebanon and Jordan

World Humanitarian Summit 2016: IOM Position Paper

International Organisation for Migration

Briefing paper – Making sense of insecurity: developing humanitarian intelligence?

Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute of the University of Manchester (HCRI)

Perspectives on the Nutrition Response in the Syria Crisis

Oxford: Emergency Nutrition Network

Liberia - Multi-sector Assessment

ACAPS - Ebola Needs Analysis Project

Sierra Leone Multi-sector Needs Assessment Report

ACAPS - Ebola Needs Analysis Project

Proposals of Issues to be Discussed at the Global Forum on Improving Humanitarian Action

European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department

Global ageing and the humanitarian system

HelpAge International Policy Statement for the World Humanitarian Summit

Second Face-to-Face Meeting of the Thematic Teams

Short Paper

A Fresh Analysis of the Humanitarian System in Somaliland, Puntland, and South Central Somalia

Somali State Agencies and Local Organisations’ Capacities to Manage Humanitarian Action

Alienation and Violence: Impact of Syria Crisis Report 2014

Arabic version

Regional Consultation for Europe and Others Group

Co-Chair's Summary

Haiti Progress Report 2014
Indonesia: an Evaluation of WFP’s Portfolio (2009-2013)

Evaluation Brief

Indonesia: An Evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2009-2013)

Terms of Reference

Putting people at the centre. Position paper for the World Humanitarian Summit.

ACT Alliance Humanitarian Policy and Practice Advisory Group (HPPG)

CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators
Improving ODA allocation for a post-2015 world

Targeting aid to benefit the poorest 20% of people in developing countries

Evaluation/Learning Brief #5: Diasporas as development actors

Lessons learned on how to best design programmes in support of diaspora-led development initiatives

Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2015-2016
Game Changers: Creating a More Open and Adaptive Humanitarian Response

Montreux XIII Humanitarian Retreat, Conveners’ Conclusions

Jordan Emergency Services and Social Resilience Project

Syrian Crisis Response - Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Disaster Response Dialogue Global Conference in Manila. Improving trust and cooperation for more effective humanitarian responses

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Humanitarianism in the Age of Cyber-warfare

Towards the Principled and Secure Use of Information in Humanitarian Emergencies

Education in Emergencies: A community’s need, a child’s right

Save the Children

Hashtag Standards For Emergencies
Regional Consultation for Eastern and Southern Africa

Co-Chairs' Summary

Imagining More Effective Humanitarian Aid - a Donor Perspective

OECD Development co-operation working paper

Responsibility, Legitimacy, Morality
Is it acceptable to lie for a good cause?
Ebola Response Roadmap
Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis
Ebola Awareness Poster - Japanese
Ebola Awareness Poster - English
Ebola Awareness Poster - Arabic
Ebola Awareness Poster - French
Ebola Awareness Poster - Spanish
Ebola Awareness Poster - German
Ebola Awareness Poster - Mongolian
Ebola Awareness Poster - Filipino
Ebola Awareness Poster - Hausa
Ebola Awareness Poster - Hindi
Ebola Awareness Poster - Korean
Ebola Awareness Poster - Danish
Ebola Awareness Poster - Indonesian Bahasa
Ebola Awareness Poster - Portuguese
Ebola Awareness Poster - Chinese
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk - English
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk - Chinese
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk – Spanish
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk – Portuguese
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk – Japanese
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk – Arabic
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk – Hausa
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk – German
Ebola Awareness Toolbox Talk - French
Regional Consultation: North and South-East Asia

Regional Consultation: North and South-East Asia

Is ICAI getting there?
Regional Consultation Tokyo
Syria Crisis: Aleppo City

Key Informants Assessment Report

South Sudan Food Crisis
Regional Consultation for West and Central Africa

Co-Chair's Summary

A guide to calculating the cost of delivering cash transfers in humanitarian emergencies

With reference to case studies in Kenya and Somalia

Study of ACAPS Analytical Products
Squandering Humanity: Socioeconomic Monitoring Report on Syria

Combined third and fourth quarter report (July – December 2013)

Squandering Humanity: Socioeconomic Monitoring Report on Syria

Combined third and fourth quarter report (July – December 2013) - Arabic version

Summary of Rights Up Front
Strengthening National and Local Response and Risk Management Capacity: Towards More Effective International Support and Investment

WHS Vulnerability and Managing Risk Thematic Team, British Red Cross

Pushed to the Limit and Beyond: A Year into the Largest Ever Ebola Outbreak

Médecins Sans Frontières

Syria Overview of the Humanitarian Response
Facts on Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
Making the World Humanitarian Summit worth the climb

Christian Aid

A New Deal for Somalia's Displaced?

Exploring Opportunities of Engagement for Durable Solutions with the Somalia New Deal Compact


Re´inventer la transition urbaine

2014 Syria Regional Response Plan
Evaluation of Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN)
Turkey’s New Humanitarian Approach in Somalia
Joint Progress Report on TA Implementation
The Moral Legitimacy of Humanitarian Action
Lost: Syrian Refugees and the Information Gap
Regional Organisations and Humanitarian Action
You Have Been Warned

One year on from UN declaration of famine, Somalia faces worsening food crisis

Dictionnaire pratique du droit humanitaire
Humanitarian Exchange 59: The Conflict in Syria
War on Development: socioeconomic monitoring report of Syria

Second quarterly report (April – June 2013)

"It Doesn't Work!": Gaps in the Global Humanitarian System: Humanitarian Congress Berlin

NO ACCESS! WHO CARES? How to reach people in need

Forced Migration Review mini-feature: Syria crisis
Countries hosting Syrian Refugees: Solidarity and Burden-Sharing

Background papers for the High Level Segment

International Aid to Lebanon
Humanitarian Debate: Law, policy, Action. Violence against healthcare. Part II: The way forward

International Review of the Red Cross

One year of humanitarian action with Syrian refugees

April 2012- April 2013

DRC Strategic Programme Document - Syria

March – June 2013

Syrian Crisis in its third year - Field Report

May 2011-June 2013

Field Exchange - Issue 45
The Future of Humanitarian Security in Fragile Contexts

European Interagency Security Forum

Desk Review of UNDAFs Commencing in 2013
Haiti, Beneficiary Communications Review
The Future of Humanitarian Action
Understanding Change: Experiences with Participatory Impact Assessment of Humanitarian Assistance

Presentation at ALNAP's 'Skills-building day for evaluators'

National Area Based Development Programme (NABDP) Beneficiary Assessment

Fieldwork Synthesis

Humanitarian Aid on the Move 11
The Disaster Risk Management Handbook

Building Resilience By Learning

Lessons Learned on Gender Equality
Evaluation Programme 2013-2015
World Vision’s Theory of Change
Progress report 2013
Old Practices New Chains: Modern Slavery in Afghanistan

A study of Human Traficking from 2003-2013

Principles in Action in Somalia
Humanitarian Business
Afghanistan: Humanitarianism in Uncertain Times
Guideline: Manage an Evaluation
Field Exchange - Issue 44
National Evaluation Capacity Development: Practical tips on how to strengthen National Evaluation Systems

A Report for the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) Task Force on National Evaluation Capacity Development

Refugee Livelihoods in Urban Areas: Identifying Program Opportunities

Recommendations for programming and advocacy

From Emergency Relief to Durable Solutions
Horn of Africa Drought - Final Fact Sheet 2012
Understanding the nature and scale of urban risk in low- and middle-income countries and its implications for humanitarian preparedness, planning and response

A synthesis report produced by the International Institute for the Environment and Development (IIED) for the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID)

Evaluation Brief: Global Logistics Cluster Evaluation

Jointly Commissioned by WFP, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNICEF

Panel Solar House (PSH) Evaluation

Project Evaluation: Energy efficiency in private housing to improve living conditions of populations in Afghan cold regions (Bamyan)

The Relevance of ‘Resilience’?

HPG Policy Brief 49

Accès aux services de base pour tous et appui aux processus de décentralisation

Expériences, pratiques et recommandations du partenariat français pour la ville et les territoires

OCHA on Message: Humanitarian Principles
KATYE: Bienvenue a Ravine Pintade
Annual Evaluation Report 2011

measuring results, sharing lessons

NRC Policy Paper
Escaping Capability Traps through Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA)

Faculty Research Working Paper Series

Humanitarian Space: Trends and Issues
Drought 2011: How Kenya Responded
Monitoring and Accountability Practices for Remotely Managed Projects Implemented in Volatile Operating Environments

A research study detailing the key issues and responding good practices

Evaluation of the NRC Colombia Program 2008-2010
Rural-Urban Linkages: Zimbabwe
Principles in Action in Lebanon
Field Exchange - Issue 42
2012 Humanitarian Policy Forum
Humanitarian Action 2.0
Handbook of Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction
Getting Practical About Mutual Accountability
Cash & Voucher Learning Event - Rapport Final
Mid-Term Review of Norway's Humanitarian Policy
Food Security Crisis in the Horn of Africa
Evaluation of DG ECHO's Action in Uganda
Asia Brief (02/2011)

Achieving development results in a fragile and conflict affected context - insights from Nepal

La ville face aux crises
Seismic Resistant Retrofitting for Buildings
Field Exchange - Issue 40; Focus on Ethiopia
Cash Transfer Programming in Emergencies

Cash Transfer Mechanisms and Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines

Commercial Law Needs Assessment
Nut Feasibility Study for Crescent Trade
Governance and Conflict Indicators Report
Failure Report 2011
Sweden Boosts Humanitarian Innovation Fund
International Review of the Red Cross - Humanitarian debate: Law, policy, action. CONFLICT IN AFGHANISTAN I

Part 1: Socio-political and humanitarian environment

Change Starts with Us, Talk to Us!
Spheres of Influence exercise

Strengthening Organisational Capacities for Humanitarian Evaluation

Resilience, Risk and Vulnerability at Sida
CENDEP Shelter Conference Report 2010
Incomplete successes
Review of NCA Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq
Mapping Impacts of Participatory Disaster Proofing of Tsunami Affected War Torn Villages

Project in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Field Exchange - Issue 39
Post-Nargis Periodic Review IV
Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti following the 12 January 2010 Earthquake

Achievements, Challenges and Lessons To Be Learned

Field Exchange - Issue 38