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Syria Overview of the Humanitarian Response
2014 Syria Regional Response Plan
Lost: Syrian Refugees and the Information Gap
Regional Organisations and Humanitarian Action
The Conflict in Syria: Humanitarian Exchange 59
"It Doesn't Work!": Gaps in the Global Humanitarian System: Humanitarian Congress Berlin

NO ACCESS! WHO CARES? How to reach people in need

Forced Migration Review mini-feature: Syria crisis
Countries hosting Syrian Refugees: Solidarity and Burden-Sharing

Background papers for the High Level Segment

One year of humanitarian action with Syrian refugees

April 2012- April 2013

DRC Strategic Programme Document - Syria

March – June 2013

Syrian Crisis in its third year - Field Report

May 2011-June 2013

Haiti, Beneficiary Communications Review
Understanding Change: Experiences with Participatory Impact Assessment of Humanitarian Assistance

Presentation at ALNAP's 'Skills-building day for evaluators'

Paradoxes of Presence

Risk Management and Aid Culture in Challenging Environments

Humanitarian Aid on the Move 11
The Disaster Risk Management Handbook

Building Resilience By Learning

Lessons Learned on Gender Equality
Evaluation Programme 2013-2015
World Vision’s Theory of Change
Progress report 2013
Learning from the City

British Red Cross Urban Learning Project Scoping Study

Afghanistan: Humanitarianism in Uncertain Times
Guideline: Manage an Evaluation
National Evaluation Capacity Development: Practical tips on how to strengthen National Evaluation Systems

A Report for the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) Task Force on National Evaluation Capacity Development

Refugee Livelihoods in Urban Areas: Identifying Program Opportunities

Recommendations for programming and advocacy

Horn of Africa Drought - Final Fact Sheet 2012
Understanding the nature and scale of urban risk in low- and middle-income countries and its implications for humanitarian preparedness, planning and response

A synthesis report produced by the International Institute for the Environment and Development (IIED) for the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID)

KATYE: Bienvenue a Ravine Pintade
Annual Evaluation Report 2011

measuring results, sharing lessons

Humanitarian Space: Trends and Issues
Drought 2011: How Kenya Responded
Registration Form Chennai (Word)
Rural-Urban Linkages: Zimbabwe
Principles in Action in Lebanon
Handbook of Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction
Getting Practical About Mutual Accountability
Cash & Voucher Learning Event - Rapport Final
Food Security Crisis in the Horn of Africa
Evaluation of DG ECHO's Action in Uganda
Asia Brief (02/2011)

Achieving development results in a fragile and conflict affected context - insights from Nepal

Seismic Resistant Retrofitting for Buildings
Sweden Boosts Humanitarian Innovation Fund
International Review of the Red Cross - Humanitarian debate: Law, policy, action. CONFLICT IN AFGHANISTAN I

Part 1: Socio-political and humanitarian environment

Change Starts with Us, Talk to Us!
Spheres of Influence exercise

Strengthening Organisational Capacities for Humanitarian Evaluation

CENDEP Shelter Conference Report 2010
Incomplete successes
Review of NCA Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq
Mapping Impacts of Participatory Disaster Proofing of Tsunami Affected War Torn Villages

Project in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Post-Nargis Periodic Review IV
Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti following the 12 January 2010 Earthquake

Achievements, Challenges and Lessons To Be Learned

Review Report of COAST Trust
Leadership and Humanitarian Organizational Change

DRLA concept note

Meeting humanitarian challenges in urban areas
Strategic Leadership in the Humanitarian Sector

HFP think-piece

Learning from Disasters
Learning from the Housing Sector
Integrating Livelihoods
Communicating Better Building
Participatory Design (PCR Tool)
Planning with the People
INSARAG Haiti Earthquake Response
Shelter Projects 2010
Good practices in humanitarian assistance: Zimbabwe

Good Practice Paper Series

Christian Aid's response to the North Kivu crisis

January - October 2009

25th ALNAP Annual Meeting: Professionalising the Humanitarian Sector (ELRHA)

Innovation in humanitarian action

25th ALNAP Annual Meeting: Keynote presentation

Innovation in humanitarian action

'Improving the humanitarian sector- the potential of the corporate sector'

A presentation given by ALNAP Director, John Mitchell on 30/10/09 to the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa

Evaluation of FAO activities in Tajikistan
ALNAP Bulletin - September 2009
Christian Aid Tsunami Evaluation
OCHA Meta-evaluation
Land Tenure Security Cambodia
AFSUN Policy Brief: Gaborone
AFSUN Policy Brief: Harare
AFSUN Policy Brief: Johannesburg
AFSUN Policy Brief: Lusaka
Real Time Evaluation of the GenCap Project
Humanitarian Relief Policy
OCHA Annual Report 2008
Responding to urban disasters
DRMMP Handbook
An Event for EU Humanitarian NGOs
Improving Humanitarian Assistance: A Transatlantic Agenda for Action

Raising the Bar: Enhancing Transatlantic Governance of Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Norway’s Humanitarian Policy
Post-Nargis Joint Assessment
NGO Seminar on Civil-Military Relations
Central Emergency Response Fund: Interim Review
LEADS tsunami-related projects (Temporary Shelter and Livelihoods, and Permanent Housing)

Volume I: Social Evaluation

Finnish Aid to Afghanistan
Evaluation of LRRD in Tajikistan
Nutrition Cluster: A Lesson Learning Review
Evaluation of Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Project in Western Mongolia

Oxfam GB Programme Evaluation

Concerning Accountability of Humanitarian Action
Rethinking monitoring and evaluation

Ontrac 37

Cash-Based Responses in Emergencies
TEC Recommendations Matrix, LRRD

20th ALNAP Meeting (December 2006)

TEC Recommendations Matrix, Ownership

20th ALNAP Meeting (December 2006)

LRRD in Afghanistan
Workshop presentation: Food security and 'transition'

19th ALNAP Meeting (June 2006)

Tsunami Recovery Impact Assessment and Monitoring System (TRIAMS)

Workshop, Bangkok, 3-5 May 2006

Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development in Afghanistan: A Review based on a Multi and Cross Sector Approach

Chapter 2: Sector issues: Urban development, water/irrigation, agriculture, nutrition, health, education

Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development

Approaches and financing instruments to improve the transition between relief, rehabilitation and development co-operation

Tsunami Response: A Human Rights Assessment
Tsunami, Gender and Recovery
Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan, 2001-05 - A Joint Evaluation

from Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Tsunami - A report to the nation
Disaster Communication: Lessons from the Asian Tsunami Disaster

An Initiative Commissioned by the Global Alliance

Ideas for Development
Cash and Vouchers in Emergencies
Acts of faith? Thoughts on the effectiveness of humanitarian action

Paper prepared for the Social Science Research Council seminar series, The Transformation of Humanitarian Action.

Emergency Field Handbook
Tsunami Media Evaluation Report
Review of Aid Coordination for Somalia

Final Report

Cities and Population Health
Humanitarian Exchange 27: Famine Response
The ALNAP Meta-evaluation 2004

15th ALNAP Meeting (June 2004)

Humanitarian Issues in Darfur, Sudan
HIV/AIDS and Humanitarian Action
Towards a Strategic Framework for Peacebuilding: Getting Their Act Together

Overview Report of the Joint Utstein Study of Peacebuilding

Cities Alliance 2004 Annual Report
Risk Management for Local Sustainable Development

Project Evaluation

Humanitarianism, Islam and 11 September
Humanigtarian Exchange 24: Accountability
Humanitarian Issues in Ituri, Eastern DRC
The Vulnerability of Cities
Vietnam: Floods and Storms - Final Report
Cities Alliance 2003 Annual Report
A Review of the Evaluation in Danida
Tearfund UK in Sierra Leone. Water and Sanitation Programme. February-December 2002

Jaluahun Chiefdom, Kailahun District Eastern Province, Sierra Leone

Ghana Urban Health Assessment
Trends in US Humanitarian Policy
Hurricane Georges Recovery Program (Haiti)

Final Report

Forum: War and Accountability
Independent Evaluation of Expenditure of DEC India Earthquake Appeal Funds

Volume One - Executive Summary; Volume Two - Full Evaluation Report; Volume Three - Sector Reports

Independent Evaluation:The DEC Response to the Earthquake in Gujarat

Januray - October 2001 Volume 1 Executive Summary

Evaluation du Financement des Services de Sante en Afghanistan

Province du Laghman (Rapport preliminaire)

Humanitarian Exchange 19: Afghanistan
Naga City Disaster Mitigation Plan
8 Mois apres Mitch
Oxfam Case Study on Cash Responses
Assessment of Lessons Learned from Sida Support to Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

State of the Art / Annotated Bibliography

Post-Mitch Evaluation - SRSA Operations

SRSA Operations

SWIFT Mindaneo Project Evaluation

Summary of Findings on Program Impacts

Activites ECHO au Nord-Mali et au Nord-Niger Plan Global de 1998 et 1999 Strategie 2000

Justification, Strategie et Synthese Generale

Humanitarian Exchange 16 RRN Newsletter
Report of an Evaluation of EUBK91
Lessons in contracting for evaluation

American Journal of Evaluation 21

RRN Newsletter 15
RRN Bulletin D'Information 14
Recurring Challenges in the Provision of Food Assistance in Complex Emergencies

The Problems and Dilemmas faced by WFP and its Partners

An Ombudsman for Humanitarian Assistance?

Disasters, Volume 23, Issue 2, pages 115–124

RRN Newsletter 14
Providing Emergency Aid to Haiti

Impact Evaluation

RRN Bulletin D' Information 13
Network Paper 28: North Korea

The politics of Food Aid

RRN Newsletter 13
The MSF Cholera Intervention in Uganda

December 1997 - September 1998

Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment: Options and Issues

PPPUE Working Paper Series Volume I

RRN Bulletin D'Information 12
Network Paper 27: Between Relief and Development

Targeting Food Aid for Disaster Prevention in Ethiopia

RRN Bulletin D'Information 11
Network Paper 25: Humanitarian Action in Protracted Crises

The New Relief ‘Agenda’ and its Limits

Strategic Humanitarian Co-ordination in the Great Lakes Region 1996-1997

An Independent Study for the Inter-Agency Standing Committee

RRN Newsletter 10
RRN Bulletin D'Information 10
Managing Conflict

Lessons from the South African Peace Committees

Network Paper 23: The Coordination of Humanitarian Action

The Case of Sri Lanka

RRN Bulletin D'Information 9
Active Learning Network on Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Assistance

Record of the Second Meeting 21-22 October 1997

Care, Rehabilitation and Greater Horn Project

Rehabilitation in South Sudan

RRN Bulletin D'Information 8
Disaster Preparedness Program for Latin America

Regional, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

Searching for Impact and Methods: NGO Evaluation Synthesis Study

Executive Summary of A Report Prepared for the OECD/DAC Expert Group on Evaluation

Evaluation for the 21st Century
Rebuilding a War-Torn Society

A Review Of The UNHCR Reintegration Programme for Mozambican Returnees

Thematic Evaluation of the Finnish Humanitarian Assistance

Evaluation Report 1996:2

RRN Bulletin d’Information 5
Linking Relief and Development in the Greater Horn of Africa

USAID constraints and recommendations

An Evaluation of Joint Working Committee for Peace in Natal

The Cosatu Regional Peace Program

Network Paper 12: Dilemmas of 'Post'-Conflict Transition

Lessons from the Health Sector

Network paper 9: Development in Conflict

The Experience of ACORD in Uganda, Sudan, Mali and Angola

RRN Newsletter 3
Emergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes
RRN Newsletter 2
RRN Newsletter 1
Disasters and Development
Review of the IHA Programme in the SADCC Region

Angola, Malawi and Mozambique (AMM countries)

Network Paper 22: The War Economy in Liberia

A Political Analysis

Improving the international humanitarian system: the potential for corporate-humanitarian partnerships

Presentation by B. Ramalingam in Panel Session at RedR-HFP Conference 'Hard Realities and Future Necessities: The Role of the Private Sector in Humanitarian Efforts'.

Network Paper 13: Getting On-Line in Emergencies

A Guide and Directory to the Internet for Agencies involved in Relief and Rehabilitation

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