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Using humanitarian evaluations

This study, produced by Valid International and ALNAP, is the result of a two-year consultation and peer-to-peer exchange with ALNAP Members, and an extensive literature review. It presents a simple framework on strengthening humanitarian evaluation capacities, which we hope will allow individuals, teams and organisations to structure a debate around all the elements that we discussed as having an impact on humanitarian agencies’ ability to commission, conduct, and utilise evaluations in a more effective way.

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Some background on ALNAP's work on the utilisation of evaluations

For over seven years ALNAP has been involved in research to find out how the humanitarian system can benefit from evaluations and how barriers to utilising evaluation findings can be overcome.

We have seen a significant increase in the quality and quantity of humanitarian evaluations and most major organisations in the sector now carry out their own evaluations. We have also seen a significant amount of learning that has taken place within organisations as to the best way to commission, carry-out and follow-up on evaluations.

However, despite this, it has become clear that opportunities to maximise benefit from evaluations are not always taken (The Utilisation of Evaluations by Peta Sandison, 2005).

Significant evaluation expertise resides within the organisations that make up ALNAP’s Membership, and there is considerable untapped potential for cross-organisational learning in this area.

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