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CASH strategy consultancy

Organisation: Oxfam

Posted on: 29 December 2016
Application deadline: 20 January 2017

This is an exciting opportunity for a suitably experienced consultant to lead in the creation of a cash strategy for one of the global leaders in the delivery of cash in humanitarian responses.

It is generally recognised that the role of cash in delivering humanitarian responses will continue to grow. For more than 20 years, Oxfam has been using cash transfers in diverse contexts; now it constitutes a major part of the humanitarian work undertaken by the Organisation and its partners.

Oxfam aligned to the principles of the Grand Bargain committed to "Use cash as a preferred option in humanitarian programming, unless it is not appropriate in a specific case, including to":
- contribute to learning in the humanitarian sector, for example through hosting the Cash Learning Partnership,
- ensure its increase in cash-transfer programming (CTP) contributes to positive outcomes for women and girls and the advancement of women’s rights, including through the use of on-going gender assessments to identify the benefits and potential risks of CTP,
- Invest in the capacities of national governments to develop cash programming and preparedness, for example through building on existing safety nets and social protection systems for CTP at scale when viable and appropriate.

Oxfam’s contributions to the cash sector are the result of a systematic investment in research and development, in building evidence and embracing digital technologies. However, in order to continue with this contribution as the role of cash expands, Oxfam has created a dedicated cash team. The team is expected to support the scale up of activities during emergencies, support all technical teams in the use of cash, advise country teams, realise the cash strategy and lead Oxfam’s work in cash both internally and externally.

Purpose of the Consultancy

This consultancy will be critical to setting the direction of the cash team and has two primary aims:
a) To develop a cash strategy for Oxfam for the next 5-10 years, which will allow the organisation to reach its commitments and maintain its leading role in the sector,
b) To review the proposed team structure to see whether it is appropriate to carry out the aims of the strategy and provide the required support to other teams.

The successful candidate/s will work with senior managers to shape Oxfam's future development and influence the structure of its new central cash transfer support team.

Relevant information for applications is available in the attached Terms of Reference. Closing date for applications for this consultancy is the 20th of January 2017.

Contact details

Please send a short expression of interest outlining your relevant background and experience and indicating how you propose to carry out the work proposed. Joint applications are welcome. This should be accompanied by CV, fee proposal (inclusive of any VAT or equivalent tax) for completing the expected outputs and an indication of any expenses to:

Please also provide a written sample of previous work including strategies and/or key documents relevant to the focus of these Terms of Reference.

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