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Evaluation Study of 9 diaspora-led humanitarian interventions

Organisation: Danish Refugee Council

Posted on: 5 September 2017
Application deadline: 20 September 2017

Danish Refugee Council, African Foundation for Development and Berghof Foundation, are currently looking for a highly qualified Consultancy Team for the Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination project (

About the job
Evaluation study of 9 pre-selected diaspora-led humanitarian interventions in Somalia (3), Nigeria (3), and Syria (3). The objective is to identify the comparative advantage and the value added by diaspora interventions to an overall humanitarian response as well as tangible contributions that diaspora-specific approaches could and currently do make to efforts of institutional actors and donors to develop more flexible response mechanisms in crises situations characterized by limited humanitarian access. This would include elucidating issue-areas related to (a) cost-effectiveness, (b) access, (c) rapidity, (d) local ownership and anchoring of activities post-project completion, (e) impact and (f) sustainability of project outcomes.

The main duties and responsibilities of the consultant team will be:

to conduct in-depth evaluations of 9 diaspora humanitarian interventions and their ties and modes of cooperation/coordination with formal humanitarian actors, local partners and affected communities, with a focus on the recipients of diaspora relief interventions and the impact as well as an exploration of the role of/reflections on humanitarian principles in the development and implementation of diaspora interventions, involved transaction costs and accountability mechanisms in diaspora-led humanitarian action.
The evaluation will thus have a strong focus on identifying complementarity and relevance of diaspora humanitarian action vis-à-vis other actors, be they local or international. To support this comparative analysis and identify which actor is best suited in which context – and thus which gaps diaspora interventions can best fill – the evaluation study will seek to include desk-based reviews of evaluations of 15 ‘traditional’ international and local humanitarian interventions (5 operating in Somalia, 5 in Nigeria and 5 in Syria), or collaborate with initiatives that could have interest in engaging in relevant and complementary evaluations in this regard.
To carry out the above, it is expected that the consultant team would develop a framework to assess the added value of working in coordination with diaspora groups to implement humanitarian interventions.
Based on findings, the consultant team would be expected to provide concrete recommendations to improve humanitarian effectiveness which take into account operational realities, the capacities and expertise of the diaspora groups as well as the knowledge and experience of international NGOs.

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