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Request for Proposals-Participatory Impact Assessment (PIA)-Project Name: Resilience and Economic Activity in Luuq (REAL)

Organisation: World Vision International

Posted on: 9 September 2017
Application deadline: 17 September 2017

The purpose of the Participatory Impact Assessment is to assess the impacts of REAL project on increasing the resilience capacities of the targeted households and communities in Luuq district.

The Participatory Impact Assessment (PIA) is to assess any real increment in the resilience capacities of households and community in Luuq, validating whether the changes/ increments are due to the implementation of REAL project or due to other factors attributing to it. It also assesses any unanticipated changes occurred as a result of the project and if the changes can be attributed to the project.

As per the detailed ToR found on this link (, the assessment can make use of the following three main approaches for understanding project attribution;
1. Within a project area, assessing the relative importance of project and non-project factors that contributed to increasing in resilience capacities of households and communities.
2. Within a project area, using participatory methods to compare project and non-project activities or service providers.
3. Comparing changes in resilience capacities among project participants with non-project participants, if applicable.

Contact details

All applications should be sent electronically to: ,
by Sunday the 17th September 2017, with attachments in pdf and a Subject line: Technical and Financial Proposal for Participatory Impact Assessment (PIA)-Project Name: Resilience and Economic Activity in Luuq (REAL)

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