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ALNAP webinar: Using evaluation for a change - insights from humanitarian practitioners

Thursday 26 June 2014

The audio of this webinar is also available below.

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This webinar features a presentation of the evaluation capacities framework from the ALNAP Study Using evaluation for a change and includes a discussion with two members of the ALNAP Humanitarian Evaluation Community of Practice who have been exploring and working on these issues in their respective organisations and will share their experience and learning on this topic.

The study is the result of a two-year consultation and peer-to-peer exchange with ALNAP Members, and an extensive literature review. It presents a simple framework on strengthening humanitarian evaluation capacities, which we hope will allow individuals, teams and organisations to structure a debate around all the elements that we discussed as having an impact on humanitarian agencies’ ability to commission, conduct, and utilise evaluations in a more effective way. 


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