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ALNAP webinar: Evaluating contribution to change in the Philippines

Thursday 26 March 2015

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 Following Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, which swept through the central Philippines in November 2013, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) launched an appeal to aid a wide scale humanitarian response. As part of the DEC’s evaluation of the disaster response, it decided to use the Contribution to Change (CtC) method to assess a disaster response across its network of member organisations.

The CtC method was developed to assist evaluators and those commissioning evaluations to measure the contribution that agencies make to the changes in people's lives through humanitarian programmes. First introduced in 2013, this method seeks to address the difficulties in assessing the benefits of interventions, and the question of attribution and contribution that has been a conundrum for many agencies as they attempt to gain a realistic overview of their own input. The methodology also allows for acknowledgement of the efforts of other stakeholders especially those of the affected population themselves, which have often been overlooked in evaluations.

Using CtC the DEC hoped to obtain an unbiased report on how their work helped selected Filipino communities recover from the disaster of Typhoon Haiyan. This is the first time the methodology has been applied across such a network of organisations.
During the webinar, a panel composed of one of the authors of the methodology, the team leader of the evaluation in the Philippines and a humanitarian performance specialist from one of the DEC’s member agencies will report back on the application and findings of the methodology in this context. Following their presentations, there will be an opportunity for discussion and questions to the panel.


Juliet Parker

Action Against Hunger

Vivien Walden

Global Humanitarian PMEAL Adviser


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