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How can we improve humanitarian coordination?

Thursday 6 April 2017

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The humanitarian coordination system is fairly effective when it comes to enhancing cooperation to prevent gaps and overlaps, and at supporting good practice on the ground. However, it's less good at addressing ‘strategic’, response-wide issues. Why is this? How can we fix it? How can we improve humanitarian coordination?

That was the question facing the 45 key thinkers, practitioners and decision makers working on coordination, within and beyond the humanitarian sector, present at ALNAP's 2016 meeting, 'Working together to improve humanitarian coordination'.

Informed by prior research by ALNAP, that meeting produced concrete, actionable recommendations across six areas, aimed at improving the humanitarian coordination system. This webinar presented and reflected upon on those recommendations, discussed progress made on them so far, and looked at how they can be taken forward.

Paul Knox Clarke, ALNAP
Leah Campbell, ALNAP
Amos Doornbos, World Vision International
Guelnoudji Ndjekounkosse, UNHCR
Loretta Hieber-Girardet, OCHA

You can find out more about ALNAP's work on humanitarian coordination, and read the recommendations from the meeting at


Paul Knox Clarke

Head of Research and Communications


Guelnoudji Ndjekounkosse

Senior Protection Cluster Coordinator


Loretta HIeber Girardet

ACE Project Director

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Amos Doornbos

Disaster Management Advisor

World Vision International

Leah Campbell



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