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The State of the Humanitarian System

Check out the results of the SOHS 2015 in its dedicated microsite:



The State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) report provides a system level mapping and assessment of international humanitarian assistance. It does this by defining key criteria for evaluating system performance and progress.

Every three years the performance of the system is reassessed against these criteria and lessons learned are shared.

Commissioned by ALNAP and authored by Humanitarian Outcomes, the report offers a comprehensive picture of the shape and size of the system and insights into the 'bigger picture' of trends and performance in the sector. It incorporates perspectives from those who receive aid, as well as practitioners from across the globe and at all levels of seniority.


SOHS Photo competition: What does a humanitarian crisis looks like to you?

As part of the preparations for the launch of the SOHS 2015, the ALNAP Secretariat invited humanitarians on the ground and affected people to capture what a humanitarian crisis looked like to them.

The slideshow below features the photos from the competition that the ALNAP Secretariat selected to take to the State of the Humanitarian System 2015 launches around the world. Some of them also feature in the SOHS presentation used for the launch and in the SOHS 2015 dedicated site.

Many thanks for helping us spread the word and for your interest in this initiative!

To see the photographer and description of each photo, please click on the photo.

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