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Evaluating Humanitarian Action


Evaluation of Humanitarian Action: An ALNAP Guide Evaluation de l'Action Humanitaire: Guide pilote

Evaluación de la Acción
Humanitaria: Guía piloto

The Evaluating Humanitarian Action Guide supports evaluation specialists and non-specialists in every stage of an evaluation, from initial decision to final dissemination.

Making the most of the guide

This video features our Research Fellow Francesca Bonino introducing the EHA Guide and is part of a playlist. You can see other intro videos to the Guide by clicking on the "playlist" link below.

For the best user experience, we recommend you view the EHA Guide with Adobe Reader version 6 or later. You can easily upgrade your Adobe reader for free.

Tablet and smartphone users can use and view the guide, but some navigation features will be disabled.


Latest discussions from the Humanitarian Evaluation Community of Practice

22 September: seeking good practice examples of evaluation when access is constrained

Dear Margie Please see the paper below, Box 4: Case Study: The End of an NGO? The Need for Timely Monitoring & Reporting, page 5 Tini Wartini Pramana <...

20 September: seeking good practice examples of evaluation when access is constrained

Many of us are aware of, and have had to deal with, the challenges of evaluating in contexts where access is constrained, usually in conflict crises. In many ways this seems to be at the cutting edge of EHA, where evaluators and agencies are having to be particularly crea...

16 September: What is interesting about your evaluation report?

Thank you Ralf. It looks like a good ressource. All the best, Mikkel

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