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Evaluating protection in humanitarian action

Why a guide on evaluating protection in humanitarian action?


Despite the stated centrality of protection in humanitarian action and a growing attention to protection activities, the evaluation of protection has received relatively little attention. This pilot guide seeks to fill this gap, providing insights and guidance to those evaluating protection in the context of humanitarian action. Guidance is provided regarding:

  • How to initiate an evaluation of protection
  • How to address the practical and ethical issues that arise in evaluating protection
  • Particular issues to consider in analysing and drawing conclusions in evaluations of protection

This guide complements the Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide.   


Download the pilot guide




Piloting the guide:

We are eager for feedback from humanitarian evaluation practitioners. Be this feedback from evaluations that are entirely focused on protection in humanitarian action or evaluations of broader programmes that include protection components.

Feedback will be used to orient the finalisation of the Guide at the end of 2017. There are a number of ways by which you can participate in the pilot and share your feedback. For more information, see the one-pager on the pilot process or contact the ALNAP Secretariat at

Other protection-related initiatives


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