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Responding to urban crises

The urban challenge in humanitarian aid on Prezi

Urbanisation presents a significant and urgent challenge for humanitarian actors. In recent decades, there has been a massive increase in the number of people living in cities and who are vulnerable to disasters or conflict. Urban disasters differ in important ways from rural disasters, and force the humanitarian community to rethink fundamental tools, approaches and assumptions when deciding how best to respond.

At ALNAP’s 27th Annual Meeting ‘Meeting the Urban Challenge: Adapting humanitarian efforts to an urban world’ there was general agreement that the international humanitarian sector is currently inadequately prepared to address both the scale and nature of the urban challenge. ALNAP’s continuing work on urban response is an effort to:

  • raise awareness across the sector of the specific challenges of humanitarian response in urban environments
  • provide a forum for ALNAP members to share their experiences of adapting strategies, policies and procedures on the basis of best practice in urban response
  • support ALNAP members to increase their levels of knowledge and skills relevant to urban response 


Latest ALNAP urban response webinar 


Previous Urban response webinars

To catch up on ALNAP's work on urban humanitarian response, watch our previous webinars by clicking on the + sign to the left.

Latest discussions from the Urban Response Community of Practice

21 December: 'Cash in the City' webinar recording/transcript available

Dear Colleagues, I am writing to share with you the recording and transcript from ALNAP's recent webinar 'Cash in the City: Addressing Food Security Needs in Urban Crises'. You can take a look at This webinar, the...

13 December: ESD Research Request for Proposal: Critical Factors for Post-Disaster Educational Continuity

EDUCATION SAFE FROM DISASTERS RESEARCH Request for Proposal: Critical Factors for Post-Disaster Educational Continuity 1. BACKGROUND The purpose of this research is to learn from both prior research and recent practices, how to plan and promote educational c...

12 December: [Consultancy Opportunity] Accountability to Affected Populations using ICT in Urban Areas

Dear Urban CoP, The IRC is recruiting an Accountability to Affected Population using ICT in Urban Areas Consultant. The consultant will be responsible for reviewing the ICT platforms of ServiceInfo<> and RefugeeInfo<http://refugee.inf...

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ALNAP resources on humanitarian response in urban crises


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