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ALNAP Annual Meetings

We believe the best way to share good ideas and good practice is to talk about them. Once a year, our nearly 100 Full and Associate Members and a number of Subscribers come together for 2-3 days to reflect on their practice and engage with the latest thinking on important issues in humanitarian aid. In addition to ALNAP Annual Meetings our research, discussion forums, blogs and face-to-face ALNAP learning events run throughout the year.

What happens at ALNAP Annual Meetings?
Workshops, discussion pannels, networking, presentations, expert opinion and peer learning and support. ALNAP Annual Meetings aim to share information and perspectives on issues and activities relevant to learning, accountability and performance within the humanitarian sector. 

Who comes to the ALNAP Annual Meetings?
Full Members are invited for the two days of open discussion and workshops, as well as a members-only half-day. There are a limited number of places available for Subscribers, and these tend to fill up fast.  

Previous ALNAP Annual Meetings 

Please note that for meetings before 2003 there is only a meeting report available. Records of later meetings
(post-2004) include a variety of documents including a meeting report for each meeting.

30th Annual Meeting:
Working together in the field for effective humanitarian response
March 2015


29th Annual Meeting:
Engagement of crisis-affected people in humanitarian action
March 2014

28th Annual Meeting:
Evidence & knowledge
in humanitarian action
January 2013

27th Annual Meeting:
Meeting the urban
January 2012

26th Annual Meeting:
The role of governments
in humanitarian response
November 2010

25th Annual Meeting:
Innovations in international humanitarian action
November 2009


24th ALNAP Meeting:
Rethinking the impact
of humanitarian aid
December 2008

23rd ALNAP Meeting:
New Media and
Humanitarian Aid

June 2008

22nd ALNAP Meeting:
Combinations of
vulnerabilities, risks and
hazards in West Africa
December 2007

21st ALNAP Meeting:
Quality and accountability initiatives in humanitarian
June 2007

20th ALNAP Meeting:
TEC reports and
December 2006


19th ALNAP Meeting:
Food Security in East and
Central Africa and the Horn
June 2006

18th ALNAP Meeting:
The International Response
to the Darfur Crisis 2003-2005

December 2005

17th ALNAP Meeting:
Evaluation of the tsunami emergency response
June 2007

16th ALNAP Meeting:
Organisational learning in
the humanitarian sector
December 2004

15th ALNAP Meeting:
Learning from the
Rwanda Crisis
June 2004


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