Encouraging effective evaluation of conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities: Towards DAC guidance

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Date published
01 Jan 2007
Research, reports and studies
Evaluation-related, System-wide performance
OECD DAC - Development Assistance Committee

This report outlines an approach for developing guidance on evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities. It draws on a broad document review and interviews with key experts, and has been developed in consultation with the DAC Networks on Conflict, Peace and Development Co-operation and on Development Evaluation.

First, the report specifies which types of work can be considered conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities, distinguishing between conflict sensitivity and conflict prevention and peacebuilding work. The challenges of evaluating in this field are discussed and recommendations are made on key concepts and important elements for the process, including conducting a conflict analysis; examining theories of change; understanding impacts; programming to support evaluation; and choosing evaluation methodologies and approaches.

The report also looks at the applicability of existing DAC tools, and adapts the DAC Criteria for Evaluating Development Assistance to the conflict prevention and peacebuilding field. Finally, it outlines the next steps for the DAC Networks in developing guidance.