2015 Strategic Response Plan - Syrian Arab Republic

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31 Dec 2014
Plans, policy and strategy
Coordination, Multi-sector/cross-sector, Needs assessment, Targeting, Identification and Profiling

Since September 2014, humanitarian actors operating in Syria have embarked on the Whole of Syria (WoS) approach. As part of the WoS approach, the 2015 Syria Strategic Response Plan (SRP) provides an overarching framework for the humanitarian response inside Syria. The SRP provides the umbrella for coordinated action to prioritise resources for the most affected areas and people in need, increasing access, response capacity and advocating for increased protection. Bringing together humanitarian actors working in Syria or from neighboring countries under a single strategic framework, the plan aims to increase the effectiveness of the response by improving the identification of needs and gaps inside Syria and strengthening the harmonisation and streamlining of response activities across the different hubs, thus reducing overlap and duplication of efforts and increasing outreach.
This strategy has been developed in consultation with the Government of Syria.

The 2015 Syria response plan covers the period from 1 January to 31 December 2015, aiming to address large- scale humanitarian needs throughout all 14 governorates.