City Resilience Profiling Programme Proposal

UN Habitat
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06 Sep 2012
Capacity development, Disaster preparedness, Environment & climate, Targeting, Identification and Profiling, Urban, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction
UN Habitat

While advances are being made in shifting emphasis from risk reduction to resilience, no means of calibrating urban resilience has been developed to date, leaving city and town administrations understanding only what their inherent vulnerabilities may be. The primary goal for the City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP) therefore is developing an integrated, forward planning urban systems approach founded on the principles of 'resilience' that dynamically underpin improved capacity to protect urban citizens and their assets and recover from all hazards. 'Urban Resilience' refers to the ability of any urban system, to withstand and recover quickly from 'catastrophic events.' The CRPP fills a large gap providing forward-looking, integrated, multi-hazard multi-stakeholder, urban systems approach to planning and developing urban settlements. Embedding these principles in humanitarian response strategies creates opportunities to advance resilience through post-crisis response programming.