City WORKS — A digital working aid to support the implementation of global agendas in cities and communities

Maia, L., Pohl, J., Mertens, T. and Ickert, N.
Publication language
Date published
01 Aug 2021
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Participation, Capacity development, Data analysis & visualisation tools
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
Localising Human needs and status quo of SDGs at local level

City WORKS is a set of interlinked tools that help cities realise, analyse and tackle the implications of global agendas locally. It offers a targeted step-by-step process with different products and functionalities for the purpose of implementing global agendas at the local level.
 It provides explanations and information on the various global agendas and their relevance for cities. Secondly, it offers a process guide that help you with targeted information and questions to design a process that fits your local needs. It proposes a standard sequencing of steps and processes but can also be applied according to the individual needs and demands of a city.
 The toolkit contains a library with templates, links, and references to additional tools and informations and it can be applied online or offline, such for group-activties in workshop settings or planning phases.

For further information, see the attached quick guide or visit the website: Home - City WORKS (