Co-Creating Transformative Knowledge and Action

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Date published
30 Sep 2022
Accountability and Participation, Capacity development Issue No. 201, September 2022

This issue of is titled, ‘Co-Creating Transformative Knowledge and Action’ and highlights the links between co-creating knowledge, societal transformations and sustainability. In the field of climate change adaptation and sustainability, co-creating knowledge implies using complimentary knowledge systems that promote transformation pathways.

This issue's contents include: (1) Co-Creating Transformative Knowledge and Action; (2) Transformative Loss and Damage Actions – Non-State Actors Come on Board; (3) Co-Creating Knowledge: Groupe URD Strategy and Experiences; (4) Co-Creating Transformative Knowledge and Action: A Connecting Business Initiative Example; (5) Gender Vulnerabilities in Disaster-hit Sundarbans; (6) Co-Creating Transformative Knowledge and Action’ Revising and updating the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS); and (7) Co-Creation of Transformative Knowledge in Colombia: Two Key Initiatives.