ECB World Vision Adventures in Partnering Case Study A - Coming together to reduce the impact of disasters in Bolivia

Date published
01 May 2011
Disaster risk reduction

During 2010, the ECB consortium in Bolivia has brought together five agencies to develop a common approach in Disaster Risk Reduction. Over nearly a year, the agencies have worked together to share learning, build a common DRR/ Climate Change approach among agencies and develop a consolidated single Capacity and Vulnerability Analysis (CVA) tool that draws key elements from current agency tools. Through this process agencies have developed the strong relationships and commonalities needed to work together with communities on climate issues that are too big for one agency to tackle alone. This paper is about how the consortia came together and the benefits of doing so.

World Vision: Adventures in Partnering is a series of 14 discussion papers and case studies that represent the views and experience of more than 30 World Vision field staff, technical specialists and managers who are involved in the ECB Project.