Economic Strengthening for Child Protection & Education in Emergencies

Zimmermann, L.
Date published
30 Jul 2014
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Cash, Children & young people, Education, Protection, human rights & security
Child Protection Working Group

In October 2013, the Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Working Group held a joint annual meeting recognising that improved coordination and collaboration between the two sectors can significantly increase the impact of their work. One of the issues raised at the meeting was that cluster members felt there was little knowledge on the impact of economic strengthening (ES) programmes on child protection and education and how members could best engage with economic strengthening interventions, which are becoming increasingly part of humanitarian action. These questions are addressed in this document.

The first section contains a review of available evidence. This includes evidence on the use of cash transfer programmes in emergencies followed by evidence of cash transfer programmes in emergencies with impacts on education and child protection.
The second section includes the guidance. It includes general tools and guidelines on economic strengthening programmes in emergencies followed by guidance specifically for education or child protection actors.