Evaluation of FAO’s Contribution to the Humanitarian–Development–Peace Nexus 2014–2020

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Date published
01 Oct 2021
Impact evaluation
Evaluation-related, Humanitarian-development-peace nexus

The Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to the humanitarian–development–peace (HDP) nexus revisits and brings together in a coherent narrative the many approaches of conflict management and peace-sustaining work carried out over the years on natural resources management and rights-based frameworks. At the same time, it analyses the body of work developed through emergency activities, in crisis and conflict contexts – shaped by the ever-stronger recognition of the need to focus on longer-term resilience.

The evaluation recognizes that the heart of FAO’s work in prioritizing and implementing an HDP approach has been at country level and has pieced together a number of examples from across countries to inform the narrative and provide lessons. The main overarching message from the evaluation is that FAO is ideally placed to invest in a major corporate effort to mainstream and adopt HDP nexus ways of working as part of its organizational DNA.