Evaluation of the Danish Support to Civil Society: Thematic Evaluation 3: Humanitarian-Development -Peace Nexus

Publication language
Date published
01 Feb 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Thematic evaluation
Evaluation-related, Humanitarian-development-peace nexus

This report is one of three thematic evaluations carried out under the Evaluation of Denmark’s support to Danish Civil Society commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Afairs (MFA) in mid-2020. This evaluation assesses how Danish civil society organisations (CSOs) work with nexus approaches from 2017 to 2020. The focus is on recipients of Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) funding, and to a lesser degree on smaller organisations fnanced by pooled funds. Between 2017 and 2020 the Danish Ministry of Foreign Afairs (MFA) support to civil society amounted 21.5 percent of total Danish Ofcial Development Assistance (ODA). The main modality of support to civil society was the SPA, with two main funding pillars, called “Lot CIV” and “Lot HUM”. Both funding pillars include specifc language on the humanitarian-development (HD) nexus. Peace is more implicit, but included in the priority to support implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. The evaluation therefore covers both the HD nexus and the HumanitarianDevelopment-Peace (HDP) nexus approaches among Danish CSOs. Given the novelty of working across the HDP nexus, the evaluation is learningoriented, particularly with respect to unpacking what peace means in a nexus approach, both conceptually and in the sample of projects assessed by the evaluation.