Final Independent Evaluation of the ACF International West Africa Regional Office

Leturque, H.
Date published
01 Feb 2013
Evaluation reports
Coordination, Food and nutrition, Leadership and Decisionmaking, Organisational

This evaluation is not a typical programme appraisal but the review of an institutional setup. Hence classical DAC evaluation questions are not fully relevant, and terms of reference for this evaluation have been developed a list of 3 specific questions as well as 5 themes to be covered.

In accordance with the specific questions, the three objectives of the evaluation were:

  • To assess the added value of having an ACF regional structure in West Africa;
  • To review the experiences (positive and negative) of WARO since it’s founding;
  • To provide strategic and operational recommendations for the future of WARO.

The 5 themes to be covered were:

  • ACF West Africa Strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Program coordination and quality
  • Management