Final Independent Evaluation of the Fresh Food Voucher Project

Dunn, S.
Date published
01 Apr 2009
Evaluation reports
Education, Food and nutrition, Food aid, Nutrition, Refugees/IDPs, Refugee Camps
Kenya, Kenya

The purpose of this evaluation is to draw lessons learned and to capitalize on best practices identified. The intention is to improve the existing program and to contribute towards the technical knowledge base within ACF on good practices related to voucher programs. This evaluation will also provide feedback to the donor and to other agencies working in refugee camps about whether a voucher project is appropriate for the context.

The specific objectives of the evaluation were to: Evaluate program design - including impact, appropriateness, coverage and sustainability; Evaluate program impact - including impact, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, coherence and coordination, accountability and sustainability; Evaluate program support - including level of technical and operational support.

This evaluation builds on an internal capitalization report prepared at the end of 2008 and includes extracts from that document where appropriate.