Floods Again: What Can Be Done Differently?

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25 Jul 2017
All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disasters, Floods & landslides, Urban

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), India tops the list of 163 nations affected by river floods in terms of number of people. As several parts of the country face the fury of floods this year, it is worth examining what are reasons for India's high exposure to flooding and what can be done differently to mitigate the adverse impact of this recurrent catastrophe. This issue of Southasiadisasters.net is titled 'Foods Again: What Can be Done Differently' and examines all these issues.

This issue's contents includes:

  1. Floods in India in 2017;
  2. Responding to Cyclone Mora's Impact;
  3. Floods in North East India;
  4. Making Dams Safer: Is there a need for a national framework for investing in Dam safety?;
  5. Women's Leadership in Forest Recovery in Nepal;
  6. DRR Road Maps of Indian States;
  7. New List of Smart Cities is a New List of Disaster Risk Reduction Opportunities and
  8. Cash Transfer in Humanitarian Action: Local Lessons for Global Use?