Guidance On Evaluating Conflict, Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities: Working draft for application period

DAC Network on Conflict, Peace and Development Co-operation and DAC Network on Development Evaluation
Date published
01 Jan 2008
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Conflict, violence & peace, Peacebuilding, Evaluation-related

This working draft develops guidance on conducting effective evaluations of conflict prevention and peacebuilding work. The current working draft will be used for a one year application phase through 2008. It is the result of an ongoing collaborative project by the OECD DAC Networks on Development Evaluation and on Conflict, Peace and Development Co-operation (CPDC). The two Networks began this collaboration in 2005, responding to the need expressed by CPDC members for greater clarity regarding techniques and issues of evaluation in their field. An assessment of past conflict and peace evaluations and a study of current practices were undertaken in 2006 and identified a need for further guidance.