Habitat III Issue Papers - 22: Informal Settlements

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Date published
31 May 2015
Factsheets and summaries
Development & humanitarian aid, Poverty, Shelter and housing, Urban, Urban design/planning
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Although some governments acknowledge the existence of slums and informal settlements, many do not. This lack of recognition and subsequent response directly undermines city-wide sustainable development and prosperity to the detriment of millions of urban dwellers, and also results in forced evictions.

This issue paper on "Informal Settlements" is part of a series of thematic reports offering a comprehensive, expert-level view of the processes of urbanisation that characterise today’s century of cities — and look forward to what could and should come next. The 22 “issue papers” were submitted by a range of multilateral institutions. They will ultimately be used to guide discussion by 10 formal “policy units”, which will focus on the six thematic issues deemed important for the Habitat III process. Made up of independent experts, these units touch on housing, resilience, equity and other issues. Eventually, they will each provide formal input regarding the crafting and, especially, implementation of the New Urban Agenda.