Pakistan, Humanitarian Response Facilities Network (2014-2020): Evaluation

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01 Mar 2022
Impact assessment
Evaluation-related, Impact assessment, Logistics

The evaluation covers the period from January 2014 to September 2020. It covers the technical assistance to the Government of Pakistan in the form of HRFs and associated support for effective supply chain management and commodities handling, in the provinces and regions of Pakistan where the intervention took place.

  • With the overall objectives of Learning and Accountability, the purpose of this decentralized evaluation was to:
  • Measure WFP’s contribution to emergency preparedness and response in Pakistan through the HRF network and provide accountability for results as a capacity development partner to the Government of Pakistan
  • Identify key enabling factors for capacity development initiatives.
  • Provide evaluation evidence, learning and recommendations to guide WFP’s programming and to support the uptake of HRFs within existing disaster management systems
  • Provide a more comprehensive understanding of how the HRF network has been integrated into the local government system.