Paper Analyzing the Cash Component of the 'Protecting Vulnerable Palestine Refugees in Syria - Special Measures for Syria 2011' Project

Bucciarelli, M. and Goldman, E.
Publication language
Date published
30 Aug 2014
Research, reports and studies
Cash-based transfers (CBT), Livelihoods, Forced displacement and migration, Targeting, Identification and Profiling

In December 2011, UNRWA signed a project agreement with the European Commission, for a EUR 2.7 million project called ‘‘Protecting Vulnerable Palestine Refugees (PVPR)’’ in order to provide protection, resources and continuous service delivery to some of the most vulnerable and conflict-affected Palestine refugees in Syria. This project aimed to provide equitable access to UNRWA services for the poor refugee households while addressing the most basic needs of Palestine refugees. The main project foci were: (a) targeted cash assistance, (b) community-based organisation capacity building, (c) access to hospitalisation, (d) teacher training and inclusive education initiatives, and (e) psycho-social support.

This paper covers the targeted cash assistance component of the PVPR during the period January 2012 to December 2013. All five evaluation domains are addressed with a special focus on targeting mechanisms, distribution mechanisms and the impact of the targeted cash transfer component of the PVPR programme on the resilience and livelihoods of Palestine refugees.