Perceptions of crisis and response: A synthesis of evaluations of the response to the 2005 Pakistan earthquake

Cosgrave, J. and Herson, M.
Publication language
Date published
17 Oct 2022
Earthquakes, Response and recovery

Evaluation Syntheses in previous ALNAP Reviews of Humanitarian Action have revealed few surprises, an indication that most of what is right and wrong with the performance of the humanitarian system is known and acknowledged. Hugo Slim’s chapter in the last Review (ALNAP, 2006) advanced the idea that there are different modes for how we view the very flawed performance of the international humanitarian system. He offered us the concept of ‘realistic expectation’ to focus efforts for improvement.

The present ALNAP Synthesis aims to draw lessons from evaluations undertaken of the humanitarian response to the Pakistan earthquake of 2005. Like previous ALNAP Syntheses of evaluations, this one has been carried out with the intention of ‘stimulating reflection by the humanitarian sector on its activities with a view to enhancing performance and promoting learning and accountability’ (Minear, in ALNAP 2005, p 74). The evaluation dataset is outlined in the annexe at the end of this chapter, and the principal evaluations are listed by focus and criteria.