Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis: The water market system in the context of severe flooding

Matthews, G. and Mika, J.
Date published
30 Aug 2015
Research, reports and studies
Cash, Markets, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disasters, Floods & landslides

Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis (PCMMA) is a relatively new approach to conducting market assessments prior to emergencies in order to anticipate how markets will respond after a shock occurs. The PCMMA in Pakistan was the first of three pilot PCMMA assessments that the IRC is conducting in 2015 in order to generate learning that can be used to refine the approach and the PCMMA guidance manual, while also providing information to humanitarian actors in Pakistan to feed into strategic and operational emergency planning efforts. In Pakistan, the PCMMA exercise additionally served as a capacity building exercise to enable practitioners to carry out market analysis after emergencies occur.

The team examined how the floods impacted the function of four selected critical market systems in order to draw conclusions about the likely impact of future floods on the market systems and to propose appropriate market-based preparedness and response interventions. This report presents the findings and recommendations for the drinking water critical market system in Badin, Ghotki and Sanghar Districts.