Responding to the Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Lebanon: Recovery Framework for Wadi Khaled and Akroum, Akkar

Date published
31 Mar 2014
Plans, policy and strategy
Education, Health, Protection, human rights & security, Refugees/IDPs, Host Communities

This report presents the findings from a consultation facilitated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation October 2013 - January 2014, that aimed to better understand the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis and its response, and through a wide consultative process to propose a way forward, focusing on the border areas of Wadi Khaled and Akroum, in Akkar, North Lebanon. Linking what is pertinent regionally to the national response, the process can be adapted to other regions of Lebanon and to the specificities of each in order to ameliorate the shape and nature of the response.

This report will shed light on the impact of the crisis at national level but more precisely on Wadi Khaled and Akroum looking at different aspects: economy, basic infrastructure, health, education, host communities, security, and municipalities. The findings of both consultations (local and national) have contributed to the formulation of an early recovery framework for the targeted area.