Somalia - Joint Markets and Supply Chain Update: 22 - 29 October 2022

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31 Oct 2022
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Markets, Drought

• Prices:  The price of imported food items showed a low to moderate increase mainly in Puntland and Southwest states. In Puntland, compared to the last week, price of pasta, rice, and wheat flour increased by 6%, 7% and 19% respectively per kg mainly due to the supply gaps stemming from the localized floods. 

• Availability: Sufficient stocks of imported food commodities reported across the state, the availability of vegetable oil significantly increased in Somaliland markets. The twin explosions that affected bridges in Jalalaqsi and Bulo Burte may affect the availability of commodities in the coming weeks. However, the extra stocks maintained by a few traders in anticipation of the heavy Deyr rains will be helpful to serve the residents in the short term.

• Supply Resilience: Supply chain of key imported food commodities remains resilient in most regions across the states, and most of the corridors are accessible. However, in Qardho, some shops damaged by floods are still under rehabilitation, but most of the traders restarted their business activities while the reconstruction and rehabilitation work is on.

• Trade logistics: Recent explosions in Jalalqsi and Bulo Burte partially damaged the main bridge connecting Bulo Burte to other markets limiting movement to and from the town affecting transport and market activities.
Garacad port was officially opened this week and is expected to increase the supply flow and shorten the lead time of commodities within the region. In addition, Hobyo port resumed operations with the subsiding monsoon winds. In Puntland state, the heavy precipitations resulted in flooding and the roads were submerged limiting transportation in Qardho town which connects the main port of Bossaso in Bari region and other major markets.